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“HAEDUEN” always try to grow together with our customer.
Through our advanced OEM/ODM solution, we provide better
production system and technology. Based on patents, certification,
and technical cooperation with global companies, we provide
moreopportunities through more suggestions. We always try our
best to provide safe product with best quality’s ingredients
and customer satisfaction is our first priority with resonable cost.
We assure that we will be your the most successful partner realizing
customer satisfaction based on the supreme quality and belief.

Under the mission of "Beyond simple beauty tools, but to make them as parts of life",
We strive to become "HAEDUEN COSMETIC" in the world.
CI introduction
“HAEDUEN" is the phrase that represents the look of ”Sunrises“ in Korean,
the straight and simple shape of fonts represents the trust and belief by customer,
and the logo contains our will ”growing up together with our partners“.
Style frontier
Crossing borders to the world, we jump up to be a global
company with delivering HAEDUEN Style

Company name : HAEDUEN Cosmetic Co., Ltd. | Address : 138 Suseoksaneom-ro, Suseok-dong | Company Registration Number : 119-86-73984
Representative(CEO) : Lee Chang-gu | Tel.041-668-1055, 080-700-8091 | Fax.041-668-1109

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